borsetta termica Artic Smart 3
  • borsetta termica Artic Smart 3

Availand Artic Smart3 Thermal Handbag

The Availand Artic Smart3 thermal bag was designed as an ideal complement to the Nature Smart 3 breast-pump. It is designed to hold baby bottles with baby food and keep them refrigerated for 8 hours. With this we can have enough time to complete the feedings, keeping the breast milk in perfect condition. Moreover, its practical and simple design makes this an ideal complement, which mothers can comfortably carry along with them.


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Below we list the main features of the product:

  • Cool system thermal material: when we talk about Cool System, we refer to a cold retention system through which the Availand Artic Smart3 thermal bag was created. The system is based on a triple structure, which ensures waterproofness and cold retention for up to 8 hours, and during which the baby’s food will remain in perfect conditions for breastfeeding.
  • Two 180 ml bottles: together with your handbag, you will find two bottles with their corresponding lids and with a capacity of up to 180 ml. Its ergonomic shape allows a better and safer regency and are regulated in order to guess what is the desired quantity for each feeding.
  • 4 cooling pads: the purpose of the handbag is to keep the baby’s feeds prepared, so that their mothers can coordinate breastfeeding with work or various travels. For this reason, together with the bag we can find a pack of refrigerant pads that must be inserted first in the freezer for at least an hour and that will then have the task of keeping the milk at the right temperature and the bottles protected from possible impacts.
  • BPA free material: breast milk is very important for the baby, which is why its preservation is essential for the baby’s health. The bottle and bottle material was created free of BPA (Bisphenol-A). By eliminating this material, we avoid that this chemical component can pass to the baby during this phase, and we improve the properties of the product such as safety, resistance, durability and lightness.
  • Compact design: the Availand Artic Smart 3 handbag was designed following first of all parameters of practicality and simplicity. The goal is to keep the milk at a suitable temperature for the baby’s feedings but without, however, giving up a modern and attractive design for mothers of today.
  • Short handle and shoulder strap: during the creation of the product the ergonomic factor was taken into great consideration and for this reason a handle was attached to the top of the bag, as well as to add an adjustable shoulder strap so that it is more practical in case of travels.
  • Availand Artic Smart3 thermal bag
  • 2 180 ml bottles.
  • 4 refrigerant pads
  • Adjustable handle