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Breastpump Availand Nature Smart3

The Availand Nature breast pump is a latest generation electric milk extractor that has the most exclusive and advanced technology on the market, Smart3 technology. The goal of this technology is to mimic the suction of the baby as much as possible so that it is as natural and real as possible, facilitating breastfeeding. Perfect product to use it occasionally or daily and to facilitate the breastfeeding process especially for those mothers who suffer from breast pains.


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The Availand NatureSmart3 electric breastpump is one of the latest breastpumps on the market and is having excellent feedback from mothers thanks to its benefits and product quality.

Below we list its main features:

  • Smart3 technology: a tech and natural fusion. This technology simulates the baby’s suction in a natural and real way, inspired by the movements that babies make to suck the milk of their mothers. Smart3 technology is based on the natural rhythm of the baby’s suction: absorption, pressure and massage. Thanks to these three phases, a balanced stimulation and extraction is obtained without any particular effort, making the mother feel the natural sensation, just like when she is breastfeeding. The Availand Nature breast pump produces stimulating and short movements, followed by other longer and more intense movements, obtaining a faster milk loss, with an excellent milk flow and significantly reducing the time required for extraction. Ensures 100% comfort, effectiveness and safety.
  • Ergonomic and extra thin silicone cup: the thin ergonomic cup in liquid silicone that simulates the baby’s suction perfectly adapts to the breast of each mother, offering an innovative design. In this way, it facilitates the extraction of breast milk and prevents injuries during extraction.
  • Rechargeable battery: offers a rechargeable lithium battery. This allows the milk to be extracted at any time and place thanks to the autonomy of the system. The battery charges quickly. Being able to use the breast pump without any kind of cable gives mothers a great feeling of independence and freedom.
  • Light design: Thanks to its fine design, low weight and few dimensions, we can carry it easily and comfortably wherever we are, both outside and inside the house. Includes a transport bag that will make it easier to carry it anywhere.
  • Easy to use: touch screen with an interfax LED from which you can choose the various functions of the product quickly and easily. Furthermore it is very convenient to clean, assemble and disassemble.
  • Silent: one of the quietest breastpumps on the market that allows you to enjoy a comfortable and discreet extraction.
  • High quality electronic breast pump that allows complete extraction in the shortest possible time.
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free
  • Availand Nature Smart Breast Pump3
  • Kit of BPA free complements
  • 1 charger
  • Motorized unit with lithium battery
  • Instruction manual (English, Spanish and Italian)