Follow baby wooden edition
  • Follow baby wooden edition

Baby monitor Availand Follow Baby Wooden Edition

Below we present the “Wooden Edition” of our Follow Baby baby monitor. It is a limited edition that presents a new design and the innovative “Auto-Follow” technology. This allows you to keep the baby under control at all times despite its continuous movement thanks to the motorized camera with motion sensor.


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Below we list the main features:

  • Auto-Follow technology: the Follow Baby model camera has a technology that allows you to control your baby’s every movement. The camera follows every single movement.
  • Automatic adjustable camera: the camera can also be manually oriented by the parent unit thanks to the direction arrows, it offers a 360 degree horizontal rotation and works through a common household power adapter.
  • New materials: one of the most innovative features of this limited edition is the application of new materials. The satin finish and the details that simulate the wood give it a more familiar look and make it an additional decorative element.
  • 3.5″ wireless LCD screen: The screen has a remarkable image clarity. It is wireless and allows you to watch over your baby from anywhere in the house. Equipped with a long-life rechargeable lithium battery, it can also be used with a household power adapter.
  • Internal Battery: The major innovation is the use of the internal battery. The advantage of this novelty is that you will not always have to depend on the charger. It has an autonomy ranging from 2 (with uninterrupted transmission of the image) up to 6 hours (with image reproduction only with detection of noises or movements).
  • Greater definition: the definition of the Follow Baby Wooden Edition camera has definitely improved, in fact it has a higher resolution. In this way it will be possible to monitor all the details at any time.
  • Night vision: the camera incorporates an infrared sensor that offers high quality night vision. This function allows you to monitor your baby while sleeping if the room is in the dark or if the room is dimly lit. This way you will not lose any details.
  • 100% privacy: the connection from the screen to the camera is completely secure and private. No one will be able to see your baby since the camera has an encrypted signal that guarantees 100% security.
  • Fixing kit to the wall or to the cradle: if you want to place the video camera on a wall or on the baby’s cradle, in the box there is the whole kit for fixing it. It is always recommended to fix the camera away from the baby.
  • Auto Scan with multiple cameras: having more than one camera configured on the same monitor, the multi-scan function can be programmed and the screen will change automatically every 8 seconds to reproduce the image captured by the different cameras.
  • Audio player of lullabies: To relax the baby and reconcile sleep before bedtime, it is possible to activate, always from the parent unit, 3 different melodies able to accompany your baby during sleep.
  • Voice-activated command (VOX mode): The Availand Follow Baby allows you to activate the function (VOX MODE) so that the image is activated only when a sound is emitted (ECO mode). You can also activate the normal mode: in this case the image will be transmitted always.
  • Up to 4 compatible cameras: Perfect for monitoring more areas in your home and not just the baby’s bedroom. Up to 4 cameras are compatible to control the bedroom, play room, etc. This performance is very useful especially for mothers and fathers of twins or siblings of different ages.
  • Temperature alert: This baby monitor has a temperature sensor that lets you know the exact temperature in the baby’s room. It is also possible to set an alert in case the temperature is too high or too low.
  • Feed time alert: Allows you to configure an alarm for baby feedings. In this way it will always be possible to check the correct feeding time, particularly convenient for having everything under control.
  • Zoom screen: Want a close-up of your baby? Just use the zoom function which enlarges and reduces the image of the baby from the screen, so you can have all the details you want.
  • Instructions available in 5 languages: instructions available in 5 different languages to be able to immediately use the baby monitor quickly and intuitively.
  • Parents unit
  • Camera
  • Wall or cradle fixing kit
  • 2 chargers
  • Lithium battery
  • Instruction manual (in 5 languages)
  • Warranty certificate
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